What are the business hours at Portland Bolt?

Portland Bolt is open from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. To be able to accommodate the needs of our customers across the country, we stagger the work day between our salespeople. Below is a map showing the various destination concentrations Portland Bolt shipped to in 2013. Our Interactive Shipment Destination Map provides even more detailed shipping information. As you can see, the second largest concentration of Portland Bolt shipments is the Eastern Time Zone. We recognize the inconvenience east coast companies endure when doing business with west coast companies because of the three hour time difference, which is why we always have at least two sales people available by 6:00 am PT (9:00 am ET).

As you can see from the chart below, we have 2 salespeople starting at 6:00 AM Pacific Time and 7 additional salespeople covering the remainder of the work day until 5:00 PM Pacific Time. The shifts are staggered to accommodate the needs of the majority of the country, and we also make sure that when one salesperson is taking a lunch break, there will always be someone ready to take your call. If you currently have a sales representative you work with regularly, go to the below link and click on the person’s name. This will provide you with information on when that particular salesperson will be available.

Angela Tocchi Angela TocchiAngela TocchiAngela TocchiAngela TocchiAngela Tocchi Angela TocchiAngela TocchiAngela Tocchi 
Anthony Porreco Anthony PorrecoAnthony PorrecoAnthony Porreco Anthony PorrecoAnthony PorrecoAnthony PorrecoAnthony PorrecoAnthony Porreco 
Dan Karpan  Dan KarpanDan KarpanDan Karpan Dan KarpanDan KarpanDan KarpanDan KarpanDan Karpan
Donnie Coulson  Donnie CoulsonDonnie CoulsonDonnie CoulsonDonnie Coulson Donnie CoulsonDonnie CoulsonDonnie CoulsonDonnie Coulson
Gary RusynykGary RusynykGary RusynykGary RusynykGary RusynykGary RusynykGary Rusynyk Gary RusynykGary Rusynyk  
Jazmine Weaver Jazmine WeaverJazmine WeaverJazmine WeaverJazmine Weaver Jazmine WeaverJazmine WeaverJazmine WeaverJazmine Weaver 
Jessica Kalebaugh Jessica KalebaughJessica KalebaughJessica KalebaughJessica Kalebaugh Jessica KalebaughJessica KalebaughJessica KalebaughJessica Kalebaugh 
Kailey TillmanKailey TillmanKailey TillmanKailey TillmanKailey TillmanKailey Tillman Kailey TillmanKailey TillmanKailey Tillman  
Kyle Pettijohn Kyle PettijohnKyle PettijohnKyle PettijohnKyle Pettijohn Kyle PettijohnKyle PettijohnKyle PettijohnKyle Pettijohn 
Michael GordianMichael GordianMichael GordianMichael GordianMichael GordianMichael GordianMichael Gordian Michael GordianMichael Gordian  
Mike Monlux Mike MonluxMike MonluxMike MonluxMike MonluxMike Monlux Mike MonluxMike MonluxMike Monlux 
Nick Van Kleek Nick Van KleekNick Van KleekNick Van KleekNick Van Kleek Nick Van KleekNick Van KleekNick Van KleekNick Van Kleek 
Steven Wallenstein  Steven WallensteinSteven WallensteinSteven WallensteinSteven WallensteinSteven Wallenstein Steven WallensteinSteven WallensteinSteven Wallenstein
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