Grooving tools specifically designed for the installation of split ring wood connectors are available in stock for immediate shipment. Split ring grooving tools lock securely in a storage block that protects the tools from damage during transit and when not in use. The storage block also acts as a gauge to properly set the cutting blades when they are replaced or removed for sharpening.

The grooving tools work with a heavy-duty 3/4″ portable drill with torsion bar or in a drill press with a minimum 1/2″ chuck. Tools consist of a pilot that is inserted into pre-drilled holes to center the grooves, high-strength tool steel cutting blades, and a depth gauge. Tools and blades are clearly marked with Portland Bolt part numbers. Grooving tool blades can be both sharpened or replaced, and pilots are replaceable as well. With proper maintenance and care, split ring grooving tools will last a lifetime.


Tool Number Split Ring Size Grooving Tool Part Number Replacement Blade Part Number
301 / TSR64 212" 18644 18649
302 / TSR102 4" 18645 18651