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We purchased 1650 "Galvanised A36 carriage bolts 4" thread, reduced body rolled threads" with nuts and washers back in 2003 when we built our floating docks.

Your bolts have withstood the test of time where other fasteners we used for lesser joints failed completely.

Gregory B., Marine Contractor on October 25, 2021

Seriously, Portland Bolt has become one of our go-to bolt supplier, not an easy thing considering the years and history we have with other bolt companies. (We are very supportive of those who support us). We feel that the one thing that sets us apart is commitment to service. You have always said what you’d do and done what you’ve said. You have represented your company very well, earning our business and trust.

Curtis M., Vice President on August 4, 2016

Just got the email introducing “A325bolts.com”.  This will be a good resource, I have saved the web address to my favorites, thank you. It has already served a purpose, in that the description of what “ASTM A325 covers” affirmed a shop drawing review comment that I made yesterday.  The specs for a project required that all fastening hardware conform to ASTM A325, but the assembly that was presented on the shop drawing indicated bolts with portions of the shank milled to a smaller diameter, to create a break-away ‘fuse’ affect, I think.  Anyway, my comment was that the bolts with the modified configuration no longer conform to ASTM A325.

Tom C., Senior Engineer on July 21, 2016

Steven, This is more of a sigh of relief from a structural designer. Please thank your company for the wonderfully informative website, notably the clevis portion.. I don’t have any questions, rather I just wanted to let someone know I will be referencing your parts on my drawings/design. Thanks!

Jeremy B., CAD Designer on November 17, 2014

I must admit that I had not personally had contact with Portland Bolt until May of this year. I needed some anchor bolts for a pedestrian bridge that we are building in El Monte, California. Wayne Myrick at Michael and Company (miscellaneous metal supplier) recommended that I contact Portland Bolt. Even though the specification for the anchor bolts was quite vague, the owner's representative was being very particular about what they would accept. I contacted Michael Gordian who helped me select bolts that the owner would approve. The bolts were fabricated and shipped in just a few days. I could not be more satisfied with the support provided by Michael prior to placing the order and the quick response (and pricing) once the order was finalized. You can count on hearing from me the next time I have a need for any of your products.

Clifford D., Bloomington, CA on September 4, 2014

I have to say that you guys are awesome. We have been working on our project for some time now and most of the vendors we work with provide us timelines on quotes and via email that are rarely ever met. You met the timeline you specified and remembered the special shipping instructions, and even remembered to send me the tracking numbers. It seems that the only time people provide feedback is when negative things happen. Not me, I know you know you did what you said; but, I want to say we noticed and it was very nice and it is appreciated. Thank you very much for delivering on time and providing us with awesome service!!!

Tammy M., Purchasing/Logistics Manager, Encinitas, CA on August 28, 2014

Steven, I would like to thank you for processing my order as quickly as you did, My customer was able to start installing today and the end user was amazed at the delivery time. It's not too often I find a vendor that sticks to their promised delivery and provides the communication back to us as well as you did. I look forward to doing more business with Portland Bolt in the future.

Tim, Distributor, Utah

...In a career spanning three decades of steel erection in a heavy market like the Bay area, I've seen your bolts on a lot of jobs and always felt better about sending myself, or later on, my "boys" up a column knowing your bolts were under us,  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

Edward M., Danny's Construction, California

Please use Portland Bolt... Due to their service and response time they are the preferred supplier.

Brad S., Bridge Contractor

This is just outstanding service and you've really helped us out of a pickle in meeting some last minute deadlines and their projects demands, as the concrete trucks are lining up to pour their loads. Often times, a recognition of one's efforts are quickly over-looked and taken for granted in the line of work we all do, but from this office and behalf our team, many thanks to you and your team to get this small but critical order built and out the door in an exceptional time frame. Portland Bolt's efforts are truly appreciated.

Bill H., Electrical Supplier, Washington

Great customer service, eager to help. Met expectations, 5 out of 5.

A. Almodovar, Puerto Rico

Portland Bolt has been our primary bolt vendor for many years. They have been an outstanding vendor in quality of product, reliability, and customer service. We would highly recommend them to any company seeking the best of the best in bolt manufacturing.

Scott P.

Prompt cutting and delivery of all thread with certs was absolutely critical to us during a building erection. Speed was the primary reason we chose Portland Bolt.

Ander, California

Kyle, I visit the Portland website often; the educational material you offer up is of a highly reliable quality. I also subscribe to the newsletter for further updates, the occasional video and the insights into your company culture. I value these because one of my job responsibilities is staff development and training in AISC fabrication and detailing practice. From your Ask the Experts page, I read a response you made to a question regarding A325 and A490 bolting Types and thread conditions that was well stated and easy to understand. Thanks for your great website and Portland Bolt's commitment industry professionalism. Keep up the good work.

Greg B., Senior Project Manager, Connecticut

As QA specialist for a govt agency I see many product certs (not all of them as detailed or complete as we require). Portland Bolt's documentation is VERY detailed, complete and easy to read. MUCH APPRECIATED!!!

Carol P., QA Specialist, Oregon

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU. The data you provide for free on your website is invaluable. As a practicing engineer, often on the road, I visit you in cyberspace regularly. Once more, THANK YOU.

William P., Oregon

We appreciate the terrific job you and Portland Bolt did on getting this order processed and shipped. This was a high profile project for us and our customer and due to your efforts, this project was completed this past weekend. This type of project, with its unusual requirements and tight deliveries is very common for us. We strive to meet our customer’s most strenuous demands and having suppliers with the same commitment, makes us successful. Based on this past order with Portland Bolt, we will surely keep you at the top of our list for any fastener requirements. Again thank you for your dedication and service and we look forward to working with Portland Bolt on future projects.

Chet, Illinois

My specialty is EMI Shielding and stainless steel is not a favorite material because of its poor conductivity but my customer wanted 316 when our standard was 304 wire in a gasket application. I googled the question and got your Blog. Your blog was very helpful and explained their reason when the Raytheon engineer only knew it was specified and not why. I simply wanted to say Thank you.

Brian C., Massachusetts on October 10, 2012

A few years ago, I stumbled onto your company via the web. I sent in a request for pricing and Anthony happened to be the one who replied. He has since been my contact by choice. I know we don’t do much business together, but that is mostly due to the specifics of my bid work, not to mention the locales are exactly conducive. Having said that, I will say that Anthony has always been Johnny-on-the-spot to get back with me, and offers me comparable items when possible to save me time and money. Two things I am sure you care a lot about as well. He conducts himself professionally, while still maintaining a personal air. I've never met him and probably never will, but it feels like my small orders matter to him. I like that. You probably have other sales staff who would treat me just as well (or maybe even better), but I think I'll stick with Anthony.

David M., Purchasing Manager on January 31, 2012

I used your 1-1/4” A325 on a project in Unalaska this summer, and was very impressed with the quality, and ease with which they torqued up. Since we’re corrosive tropical, and have US mil torqueing and certificate requirements, seemed like a no-brainer to me to switch to Portland Bolt.

Robert M. on November 21, 2011