Certification & Testing

Our climate controlled facility performs mechanical, hardness, and rotational capacity testing. Our equipment operators use tri-roll gages, ring gages, thread micrometers, and a thread comparator to ensure that our fasteners are within tolerance.

Our certification packages are the most accurate and comprehensive in the industry. We store all of our documents electronically for easy retrieval should you ever need an additional copy. For all orders with an email address, a PDF copy of the certifications will be sent immediately after the order has shipped. Mill test reports are included with your shipment, and if your bolts are headed to a job site let us know, and we will mail a copy to the main office. This is standard procedure. No need to “order” test reports and there is no additional cost. If you have special certification requirements, just let us know and we will be happy to accommodate your needs.

 Quantity  Equipment Function
1 Tinius Olsen Mechanical Tester Mechanical testing equipment designed to record proof load, tensile, and yield strengths of externally threaded fasteners. Our 200,000 pound machine can break an 1-1/2" full sized A325.
1 120,000 lb Satec Mechanical Tester Used to test machine sample proof load, tensile, and yield strengths.