In February of 2024, we began providing our exclusive line of domestic “Portland Bolt” branded shear plates, making us the premier supplier of shear plates, installation tools, and other timber connectors.

The shear plate wood connector is intended primarily for wood-to-steel or wood-to-wood connections in demountable structures when used in pairs. Shear plates spread the load and reduce the number of bolts required.

The shear plates are placed in precut daps created by a dapping tool and are completely embedded in the timber when in position, being flush with the surface of the timber. In some cases where field connections of preassembled sections are to take place, two shear plates used in place of a split ring will enable the members to slide easily into position greatly reducing the labor required for the connection. Shear plates are used to attach columns to footings through steel straps, in connection with steel gusset plates, for transferring loads from steel heel straps in bowstring trusses and for other steel to wood connection in timber structures.

Shear plates are available in two sizes: 2-5/8 inch shear plates are used is lighter timbers while 4 inch shear plates are used in heavy timber construction. The dimensional chart below provides minimum lumber dimensions.


Sizes: 258” and 4″
Origin: import
Finish: Plain and hot-dip galvanized
Specification: ASTM A47 Grade 32510, ASTM D5933
Note: See Dimensions for more details.


Outside Diameter Depth Bolt Diameter Lumber Minimum Dimension Weight (lbs.) Per 100 Pieces Part Numbers
Plate in One Face Plate In Both Faces Plain Galvanized
258 .42 34 158 x 358 158 x 358 31 12346 12347
4 .62 34 158 x 512 134 x 512 89 12404 12405
4 .62 78 158 x 512 134 x 512 89 12406 12407

Dimensions per ASTM D5933