Pole Line Hardware


Portland Bolt manufactures galvanized pole line hardware for the public utility industry. Our 140,000-square-foot facility is capable of meeting your most demanding requirements. We understand the importance of delivering material on time. Since 1912 we have earned the trust of customers across North America. With our extensive heading capabilities, we manufacture a wide range of RUS (Rural Utilities Service) approved pole line fasteners. Our products also meet the requirements of IEEE C135.1-1999.

All manufacturing processes are completed in our facility, including hot-dip galvanizing This ensures the highest quality and most control over your order.

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Visit our educational website www.polelinefasteners.com for product specific information on headed pole line fasteners, threaded rods, bent pole line fasteners. You can also read about pole line specific technical information and the answers to frequently asked questions about pole line fasteners and hardware and watch a video tour of our shop as we follow a square head machine bolt from round bar to packaging.

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