More threading options means faster delivery

With three roll threaders and fourteen cut threaders, Portland Bolt can thread fasteners for all kinds of projects. Our experienced operators ensure you are delivered quality threaded product that won’t gall or resist a nut, even after galvanizing. Over a century of threading fasteners has resulted in two efficient and cost-effective threading methods capable of handling steel up to 6” in diameter.

Roll Threading (through 1” diameter)

Roll threading is an extrusion process in which steel round bar is forced between two dies to form the threaded portion of a fastener, instead of being removed as in cut threading. In this process, a bolt is manufactured from a reduced diameter round bar. For example, a 1″ diameter bolt is manufactured from .912″ diameter round bar. This “pitch diameter” steel is approximately the midpoint between the major diameter (peaks) and minor diameter (valleys) of the threads. The bolt is “rolled” through a set of threading dies which displace the steel and forms the threads. The end result is a fastener with a full 1″ diameter threaded portion but a reduced body diameter (.912″). Roll threading is an extremely efficient process and often results in significant cost savings. Therefore, Portland Bolt will roll threads whenever possible. Learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of roll threading versus cut threading.

Cut Threading (through 6” diameter)

Cut threading is a process by which steel is cut away from a round bar of steel to form the threads. A 1″ diameter bolt, for example, is produced by cutting threads into a full 1″ diameter body of the bolt. Cut threading is a much more labor-intensive process but provides more flexibility with regard to longer thread lengths and larger diameters.

Quantity Equipment Function
2 Waterbury Farrel Flat Die Roll Threaders A flat die roll threader that produces threads through an extrusion process. In which material is forced between two dies to create threads. Threads produced on this equipment are limited to 1" diameter and 8" in length. Flat die roll threading is the most efficient manufacturing process for producing threads.
1 Vertical Flat Die Roll Threader This roll threader acquired during our purchase of Northwest Bolt in 1995, provides us with unmatched capabilities in the industry. It allows us to produce rolled threads with the same dimensional criteria as the Waterbury Farrels, but in unlimited lengths. Tie rods, sag rods, and float rods for the marine industry are products frequently produced on this equipment.
14 Landis Cut Threaders These single and dual spindle threaders allow Portland Bolt to cut threads on fasteners from 3/8" diameter through 6" diameter. With so many machine hours available, no order is too large and no lead time is too short.