What is the difference between the two types of anchor sleeves that Portland Bolt stocks?

Portland Bolt inventories two different lines of anchor bolt sleeves, Wilson and Contec. There are many similarities between the two products, with two notable differences. The two main differences between these two types of anchor bolt sleeves are in sizing and coloring.

Anchor Sleeves
Wilson Sleeves
Contec Sleeves

Composition and Materials
Both brands are manufactured of high impact plastic. They are non-rusting, non-conductive and lightweight. Both are designed with a configuration that allows the grout and concrete to "lock" it in place, giving it greater pullout resistance than a regular grout pocket.

Technical Information
Both Wilson and Contec anchor bolt sleeves conform to the following technical specifications:

Plastic: High Density Polyethylene
Density, gms/cc: ASTM D 1505-68 .956
Vicat Softening Point °F: ASTM D 1525-70 256°F / 124°C
Brittleness Temperature °F: ASTM 746-70 -180°F / -118°C
Torch Application: Slow Burn
Compression Test: 180 psi / 12.7 kg/sq.cm

Differences - Sizing
Portland Bolt stocks Wilson anchor sleeves in 12 standard sizes as shown on the chart below on the left. Each size is designed to be used with one particular diameter of anchor bolt.

Portland Bolt also stocks Contec anchor bolt sleeves in the 7 “stepped” sizes shown on the chart below on the right. Instead of a standard size sleeve for each anchor bolt diameter, Contec offers a "stepped" system allowing one shell to accommodate two or more anchor bolt diameters. To size the anchor bolt sleeve, simply cut at the appropriately marked diameter line. The Contec anchor bolt sleeves are also color coded by size for ease of identification.

Click table to show drawingDimensioned Anchor Sleeve
Wilson Sleeves Contec Sleeves
Bolt Size Shell Size W x L Part Number Color Code Shell Size W x L Part Number
12" 2" x 5" 18255 yellow 2" x 5" 18296
34" -
58" 2" x 7" 18256 white 2" x 7" 18297
34" 18257
78" 18258
1" 3" x 10" 18259 green 3" x 10" 18298
114" 18260
112" 4" x 15" 18261 red 4" x 15" 18299
134" 18262
2" 4" x 18" 18263 blue 4" x 18" 18300
214" 18264
212" 6" x 24" 18265 brown 6" x 24" 18301
3" 18482
4" - - black 6" x 24" 18302

Learn more about Wilson and Contec Anchor Sleeves on our educational microsite www.anchorboltsleeves.com.

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    These anchor bolt sleeves are apparently used little, if any, in Utah. Anyone know why? Anyone know of any independent or special testing results available to the general public? Nothing available at ICC Evaluation Service. Any transportation dept test results anywhere?

    Does your company have any plastic sleeve for a bi-metal connection (let’s say aluminum and steel), I have had a hard time trying to find a sleeve for this type of connections and I was thinking of using pvc. Is there any specs or special sleeve for this type of connections?

    @Juan Pinheiros, Portland Bolt does not have anything like this in stock, but as a specialty manufacturer, we’d be happy to look at your requirements and see if it is something we can manufacture.

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