What size anchor bolt sleeve do I use to fit a 1-1/8” diameter anchor bolt?

This question is often brought to Portland Bolt’s attention by customers wondering how to install an anchor bolt sleeve with a 1-1/8” diameter rod.  This issue arises due to the fact that anchor bolt sleeves are not manufactured in 1-1/8” diameter. We knew of two different solutions, but were left wondering which was the preferred method of installation. In order to better answer this question, we contacted the anchor bolt sleeve manufacturers, Contec and Wilson, and obtained their expertise.

Installation Options

  1. Buy a smaller diameter anchor bolt sleeve (in this case, a 1” diameter sleeve) and cut a larger hole into the plastic anchor bolt sleeve.
  2. Buy a larger diameter anchor bolt sleeve (in this case, a 1-1/4” diameter sleeve) and use duct tape to fasten the anchor bolt sleeve to the anchor bolt.

Manufacturers’ Recommendation

“Both options are fine, but option number 1 (buying the smaller diameter and cutting a larger hole) is more labor intensive.  All the contractors we have dealt with opt to use the larger sleeve hole and duct tape.  It is faster and achieves the same results.” – Contec, Inc.

“The best option would be to buy the larger diameter anchor bolt sleeve and use duct tape to fasten it to the anchor rod.” – Wilson Anchor Sleeve LLC

It seems that the manufacturers are in agreement. When you need an anchor bolt sleeve to fit a diameter that is not manufactured, it is best to buy a larger sized anchor bolt sleeve and fasten it to the anchor bolt using duct tape.  This is the fastest method, which is often critical on a job site.  It is always the contractor and engineer on the job who have the ultimate say; make sure to consult with them to make sure all of the variables involved on your specific job are taken into consideration before making the final decision.

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    Please advise what fixings we can use on a non conductive application to anchor a GRP baseplate to a concrete plinth. we currently have 12.5mm holes in the baseplate but can enlarge if necessary.
    i need either non conductive fixings or a non conductive capping sleeve

    @Mark- We are unsure of what you mean with the term ‘fixings’. If you are looking for non-conductive washers to isolate the steel bolts, that is something we can provide, but would need more information regarding the type of insulator you require as there are many types of plastic/rubber washers.

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