What is an Economy Bolt?

Economy bolt is an alternative name for what is most commonly referred to as a timber bolt. Some other names for this part are dome head, fender head, safety head, and mushroom head bolt. The economy bolt name is most common in the Pacific Northwest. This style of bolt is used in marine and wood applications. The oversized timber bolt head eliminates the need for a malleable iron washer under the head of the bolt and therefore reduces costs, hence the name economy bolt.

The head of an economy bolt also has two nubs or fins on the underside which prevents the bolt from turning in the timber when the nut is assembled. Economy bolts are typically exposed to the elements, which may be corrosive, especially in marine applications. For this reason, economy bolts are commonly manufactured in a hot-dip galvanized finish or made from type 304 or 316 stainless steel.


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