Are timber bolts installed with a washer under the head of the bolt?

timber-boltsTimber bolts, also referred to as economy bolts in the Pacific Northwest, are designed with a round oversized head which eliminates the need for a washer underneath the head. The underside of the head has two nubs which bite into wood and prevent the head from spinning in the timber. The nubs under the head require a wood bearing surface to bite into, making a steel washer impossible to place in that location.

Timber bolts are commonly used in marine application where the low-profile head creates a safer surface than that of a hex head if a boat or vessel where to collide with the head of the bolt. The name economy bolt is used for these parts because the large oversized head eliminates the need for an expensive malleable iron, ogee, or plate washer.



    I am searching for a part similar to a timber washer but smooth on the timber side, possibly as thicke ase a nut toward the center and threaded like a nut on the inside of the washer.
    We have a clearance problem.

    @Lawrence- It sounds like something we could possibly make or have made, but we’d need to see a drawing to properly evaluate it. You can email a drawing to and we would be happy to look at it.

    Can you please tell me if you sell timber washers to Ontario, Canada and if so where could I buy some in the Brockville, Ontario area? I am looking for some 5/8 no 30 15 8 10 washers. Thank you.

    @Chris- We only have this location in Portland, OR, but are happy to sell the washers to you and we can easily ship to Canada. Just let us know haw many you need, and we’ll be happy to quote.

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