Can A490 bolts be galvanized?

The ASTM F3125 Grade A490 specification does not allow either hot-dip galvanizing (per ASTM F2329) or mechanical galvanizing (per ASTM B695) due to the risk of hydrogen embrittlement. The only coating currently allowed on A490 bolts is a zinc aluminum coating meeting any of the following specifications: ASTM F1136, F2833, or F3019.

ASTM Committee F16 is currently conducting additional research on the acceptability of hot-dip galvanizing on A490 bolts.

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    Dear Gary.

    My name is Danfer De la Cruz I have some bolts 4140 Steel.
    Please I need information about if this bolts is possible be Hot dip Galvanized.

    Thank you

    @Danfer- It depends on if and how the bolts are heat treated, and how they are being used. Bolts that are heat treated to a high strength level like A490s, and used in applications where they are stressed similarly to A490 bolts should not be galvanized. However, if the bolts are heat treated to a lower strength, or not heat treated at all, then they likely can be galvanized. The ultimate answer will depend on those factors.

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