Are ASTM A490 anchor bolts available?

No. Just like in the case of anchor bolts being specified as A325, supplying anchor bolts as ASTM A490 is technically something that should be avoided. This is because the A490 specification is intended to cover heavy hex head bolts for structural steel connections only. This is mentioned in several places within the A490 specification. There are a couple of problems with trying to make A490 anchor bolts or rods. First, because the A490 specification is intended for a specific application, it calls for very short thread lengths that are tied to the bolts diameter (regardless of bolt length). The second problem is that the A490 specification has very stringent testing requirements including a magnetic particle inspection test that is not required by other ASTM fastener specifications. This adds unnecessary cost and lead time delays to the production that there is simply no need for. For anchor bolts with the same strength and chemistry as an A490 structural bolt, but without the constraints on application, configuration, thread length, and special testing requirements, ASTM A354 Grade BD should considered. As can be seen in the chart below, in the diameters covered by the A490 specification (1/2”-1-1/2”) the two specs have nearly identical strength requirements.

Grade Marking Specification Material and Treatment Nominal Size (In.) Mechanical Properties Hardness Rockwell
Proof Load Min (ksi) Yield Strength Min (ksi) Tensile Strength Min (ksi) Elong % Min [9] RA % Min [10] Min Max
a490 A490 Type 1 Medium Carbon Alloy Steel, Q & T 12" - 112" 120 130 150 min 173 max 14 40 C33 C38
a354bd A354 Grade BD [6] Medium Carbon Alloy Steel, Q & T All Sizes - 130 150-173 14 40 C33 C38
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    Can you quote us 2,500 pcs. – 32mm dia x 2600mm length x 200mm bend A490 Anchor Bolts delivered to the Philippines.

    I need heat treated anchor bolts 3/8″x2″ or 1/2″x2″ to go through brick to hang a custom fire door made of 3/16″ steel that will get very hot and very heavy.

    @Larry – those are a bit small for what we do. You may be better off contacting a fastener distributor or building center and perhaps they can supply you with what you need.

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