Do Portland Bolt eye bolts have load ratings?

Dimensioned Closed Eye BoltPortland Bolt manufactures eye bolts to pretty much any size imaginable. The type of eye bolt that Portland Bolt makes is not forged, but is turned and can be welded shut if needed. When load ratings are provided for eye bolts, they are normally for forged eye bolts, where the eye is formed as one solid piece. Forged eye bolts are designed for holding a certain weight or are required to lift a certain amount. Although a turned eye bolt can be used for these same purposes, it is not advisable without the consultation of an engineer. It is for this reason that a turned eye bolt does not normally undergo testing for load capacity. Technically, any style of eye bolt can undergo a load rating test upon request; however it is not common for a turned eye bolt. If you have an application where an eye bolt needs to be able to hold a certain weight and a load rating test is recommended, it is critical to consult an engineer before using a turned eye bolt. In summary, Portland Bolt provides chemical and physical mill test reports on the steel used to manufacture turned eye bolts but will not be able to provide load ratings.

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    Looking for a turned eye bolt, zinc played mild steel, please quote volume 25,000 and 50,000

    Eye ID: 1″
    Shank: .88″
    Thread: 3/8-16
    Thread length: .56″

    @Brent- Apologies, but we are unable to help with this request. We specialize in larger, short run specials and are unable to manufacture this item.

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