What is the standard bend radius on right angle anchor bolt?

ASME B18.31.5 is, “The standard that establishes general requirements for parts classified as bent bolts.“ According to this specification, “The inside diameters or bend radii shall be as agreed between the buyer and manufacturer, as each dimension depends on material characteristics.” In essence, there is no standard guideline for the radius of the bend in a right angle anchor bolt. The type of bending equipment used to manufacture these bolts is also a determining factor in the bend radius used.

“The outside of the bent portion shall have no cracks” according to ASME B18.31.5, and according to ASTM F1554, “The bend section of bent anchor bolts shall have a cross-sectional area not less than 90 % of the area of straight portions.”

Portland Bolt typically uses a standard bend radius that is twice the diameter of the bolt for right angle anchor bolts. Portland Bolt will manufacture these anchor bolts with a specific bend radius when this is shown on the plans or requested by the customer.

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