What is the Pullout Strength of Portland Bolt’s Anchor Bolts?

This is a question that we are asked on a regular basis, and one that we do not have a clear answer for due to the variety of factors involved in making this calculation.

Anchor bolt pull out strength is the force required to pull a single bolt out of its foundation. In order to calculate this number properly, one must have data on factors other than the anchor bolt itself. Some of these include: strength of the concrete, embedment depth of the anchor bolt, etc.

We are able to provide the yield and tensile strengths of the anchor bolts that we provide, but we do not have the necessary data available to us, nor do we have the engineering expertise to calculate pull-out strength of a specific anchor bolt. We typically recommend that an engineer be consulted if you need to make this calculation.

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    Mike. I have pondered this question of pull-out strength of a j-bolt for awhile. I have settled on a quick analysis of the allowable compression between the wood and the washer. I believe the wood will crush long before the bolt even begins to move. I have always considered the bottom plate to be the weak link in the overall wall model. Most contractors use a simple 3/4″ washer, with a hole in the plate that is way too big, thereby negating any hold down effect. I design and draw houses and light commercial here is Pendleton. I have spec’d the large 3×3 plate washers and then found out that a simple 3/4″ or 1″ washer was used. Oh well. I love the Portland Bolt website, it is full of great information.

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