Does Portland Bolt make square F436 hardened washers?

Yes. There is a common misconception that ASTM F436 hardened washers are only available in the standard circular sizes. However, the F436 specification covers four defined styles of hardened washers, while also allowing for custom dimension washers as well. The four defined styles are:

  1. Circular
  2. Beveled
  3. Clipped
  4. Extra Thick

These four styles each have specific tables in the F436 specification that define their dimensions and allowable tolerances. But, in Section 3.1.5 it states that when ordering hardened steel washers under the F436 specification the purchaser should specify the “…dimensions, nominal size, and other dimensions, if modified from those covered in this specification… ” to the manufacturer. In other words, differing styles and dimensions other than the four standards are allowed, so long as the washers meet all of the other chemical, mechanical, and marking requirements of the specification, and the purchaser and the manufacturer are both clear about what is being supplied.

Portland Bolt routinely manufactures custom F436 hardened washers and plates of varying shape and dimensions. Do you have a requirement for unique or unusual F436 washers or plates? Call one of our knowledgeable sales staff today and we will get you what you need!



    Hi there,
    Could a 5/16 F436 washer be beveled on site by mechanical means?! Please advise.

    @Miguel- As long as you have the equipment on site to bevel that washer, I don’t see why you couldn’t do that.

    What are the dimensions of the extra thick washers? How readily available are they? Are they substantially more expensive? Thank you.

    @Phil- There are extra thick F436 washers that are 5/16″ thick, or there are mild steel plate washers that vary by diameter. We can also make specials if you need something else. Price would be dependent on the specifics of your need, but typically they are substantially more expensive than a standard, mass produced washer.

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