My plans are calling for a 1" thick, 5" outside diameter ASTM F436 plate washer. My local supplier is telling me that F436 washers only come in standard sizes that are much smaller. Are these larger F436 plate washers available?


Yes. Custom F436 washers can be manufactured to larger sizes per your job’s requirements. Portland Bolt has been involved in many projects where custom F436 washers were specifically called for on a job.  However, ASTM F436 does not technically allow for custom sizes and only allows for very specific types and styles that conform to specific dimensions.  Portland Bolt is able to manufacture custom hardened plate washers for our customers with the understanding that they will meet the physical and chemical requirements of ASTM F436, but technically the specification does not cover washers with nonstandard dimensions.

Typically large round plate washers and large square washers are made with A36 or A572 Grade 50 steel and are not heat treated, as the ASTM F436 specification requires. The vast majority of all F436 washers available in the marketplace have standard SAE Pattern dimensions that can be seen on our dimensional chart. The specification also includes beveled washersclipped washers and extra thick pattern washers that have limited availability in some sizes and finishes. Anything larger or different than these four options (standard SAE pattern, beveled, clipped, and extra thick pattern) are not available in the marketplace and must be custom made.  See the below list for descriptions and information on the different types and styles allowed within the F436 washer specification.

  • Type 1 – Carbon steel washers typically available in plain finish and hot-dip galvanized finish.  This is the common type that is seen in the marketplace and the style information below pertains to Type 1 washers.
  • Type 3 – Weathering steel washers that are available in the marketplace from 5/8” diameter to 1-1/2” diameter in circular style only.  Clipped, beveled, and extra thick would have limited availability in the marketplace and very well may not exist or be available depending on diameter.
  • Circular – Circular washers, ranging from ¼” to 4” in diameter, are very common standard washers that are mass-produced in virtually all diameters.  They are almost always available off the shelf and are used with most construction grade fastener specifications.
  • Beveled – The F436 washer specification also covers beveled washers for use with channel and beams.  Beveled washers have very specific dimensions and a sloped face designed to facilitate a level bearing surface against an angled surface.  Beveled washers are only specified and dimensioned in diameters from ½” to 1-1/2” diameter and are only available from ½” to 1” diameter off the shelf.  Anything larger than 1” diameter must be custom manufactured.
  • Clipped – When space is limited and a standard circular or standard beveled washer will not fit, the edge may be clipped to allow for the washer to fit.  Clipped washers have a specific clipped dimension required to conform to the dimension requirements of F436 clipped washers.  These washers have limited availability.
  • Extra Thick – Circular washers can also be specified to be an extra thick pattern washer for use with oversized holes.  These washers have the same outside and inside diameters as standard circular washers, but have an increased thickness of 5/16” thick.  These extra thick pattern washers are allowed to be from ¼” to 4” in diameter per ASTM F436, but again have limited marketplace availability.

Portland Bolt has the experience and the expertise to correctly and quickly manufacture the round, square, or beveled F436 washers and bolts needed on your job. Plus, if they need to be galvanized, we perform that operation in our 140,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

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    Looking for price and delivery on 100,000
    hardened steel washers with zinc yellow finish
    (.0002” to .0003”) with ID = .348” to .368”
    OD = .700” to .750” .Thickness = .030” to .040”

    @Kathy- We do not have the exact weights for the metric sized washers, but the rough imperial equivalents would be 1-3/4″ at 0.30/lb each and 2″ at 0.38/lb each.

    To whom it may concern:
    I am the project engineer on a Wisconsin DOT Zoo I.C. project and our contract documents state that all washers are to be F436. The steel bearing for some girders require a double bevel washer at a bolted connection. The supplier indicates he is unable to procure that type of custom washer in F436 from several suppliers and is recommending to use A36. Is it possible to have a custom double bevel washer made in F436? I appreciate your time on this.

    @Jason- Yes, we have the ability to manufacture custom bevel washers. We’d just need to see a drawing of the washer you need and I am sure we could get you a quote.

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