How often does Portland Bolt ship to Alaska?


Hello, my name is Amanda Seal. I work as an inside sales/estimator at Portland Bolt and manufacturing. I’ve been working with the company since October 2014, although we have over 100 years combined industry experience working in the sales office.

Before I came to Portland Bolt, I lived and grew up here in Alaska. Here I am on top of Wallace Mountain, or Baldy, overlooking my hometown of Eagle River and the start of the Cook Inlet, and then behind is the start of the Chugach Mountain Range.

Portland Bolt, located in Portland, Oregon, is an excellent source for fasteners in Alaska. Transportation costs to Alaska are always an issue, but with our close proximity, it is easy to truck, fly, or barge our products to fill Alaskan needs. Rest assured we have a method of delivery that’s appropriate for your project.

Besides having the most coffee stands per capita in Anchorage, or being over twice as large as the next largest state, if you’re from Alaska you might know we really just have two seasons: winter, and construction. Since the construction season in Alaska is really just limited to a few months in the summer, materials are needed quickly and accurately to ensure projects stay on schedule.

At Portland Bolt, not only do we cut or shear, head, and thread our products, but we also have our own in house hot-dip galvanizing line to ensure timely delivery of all of our orders. Our operators log in and out of every operation to give us real time updates for every order in the system. Visit our industries served pages to see what products we can provide for your industry.

Whether you need just a few bolts for a personal project, or a lot of bolts for a highway or bridge project, Portland Bolt can ensure timely delivery of custom bolt orders and a number of stock items available both import and domestic. Please contact me or one of our other experienced estimators today if you would like a quote or have any questions. Thanks for watching and we look forward to working with you.


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