Do bolts made from SAE 4340 material meet the requirements of ASTM F1554?

I have a client out of Israel and they manufacture equipment for use in power plants. They have a question about anchor bolts in seismic zones. They want to use anchor bolts made from SAE 4340 material and they would like to know if that is equivalent to ASTM F1554 material. Will this material be acceptable for use as anchor bolts?

SAE (AISI) 4340 round bar in an “as-rolled” or annealed condition will typically not meet the mechanical requirements of any of the three grades of ASTM F1554 (36, 55, or 105). Unlike the finished fastener specifications, AISI 4340 round bar has chemical requirements, but no mechanical requirements. Therefore, it is typically bought and sold without any accompanying data reporting the tensile, yield, elongation, or reduction of area properties necessary to certify the finished fastener to the ASTM anchor bolt specification.

A quick internet search for “typical” 4340 mechanical properties reveals tensile (101ksi) and yield (69ksi) strengths1 that will not meet the minimum requirements of F1554 Grade 105, and will likely exceed the requirements for Grade 55. Theoretically, you may be able to find a random heat of 4340 round bar that may work for one or the other, but it is highly unlikely. AISI 4340 round bar is typically quenched and tempered in order to obtain the mechanical properties required to meet the requirements of F1554 Grade 105.

Since we do not employ engineers, I am unable to answer your questions as to whether or not 4340 anchor bolts can be used in seismic zones. However, if the 4340 has not been quenched and tempered, it is unlikely that it will meet the requirements of ASTM F1554 Grade 105. Last year Portland Bolt shipped to 50 different countries, and earlier this year, we shipped product to Israel. We will be happy to manufacture anchor bolts meeting the requirements of ASTM F1554 if you are unable to find a company in Israel capable of manufacturing them.


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    Looking for the following.

    Steel 4340

    8-32 unc-2a All thread 13.125 in length +/- .005. 12 pieces

    Thank You

    @Chris- Apologies, but we do not handle fasteners this small. 1/2-13 is the smallest we are able to provide.

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