Why doesn’t Portland Bolt advertise prices on the website?

Due to the fact that Portland Bolt is a manufacturer of nonstandard anchor bolts and construction fasteners, the vast majority of the product that we manufacture and sell to our customers is custom and is manufactured to the specific requirements of the job they are being used on. Portland Bolt is not a large scale, full-line distributor and for this reason we have not focused on trying to sell mass-produced, standardized product via our website. Instead, we use our website to inform and educate our customers about our manufacturing capabilities and the types of fasteners we produce, as well as providing technical information regarding fastener specifications and industry information.

We hope our experience and expertise will instill confidence that Portland Bolt is a trusted and valued manufacturer for their nonstandard and custom anchor bolts and fasteners. Portland Bolt’s pricing on standard and custom product is always per the quantity being required and we gain efficiencies on larger manufacturing runs on certain products and can offer potential discounts on larger amounts of standard product. Since our pricing varies per the quantity, grade, finish, configuration, lead time, and endless variables of the custom product we manufacture, we don’t list any pricing on our website.  Instead, we offer rapid quotes for both standard and custom products that can be obtained by calling our main line (800) 547-6758 or one of our sales representatives, emailing us at sales@portlandbolt.com, chatting with us using an internet chat service, or using our quick quote form. Depending on the items required, Portland Bolt can often turn around a quotation in a matter of minutes or even over the phone. Contact Portland Bolt for your next requirement of anchor bolts, domestic bolts, or any other large nonstandard fastener.


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