Can Portland Bolt mail me a catalog and a price list?

Portland Bolt does not have a traditional catalog or price list. The reason for this is because the majority of fasteners supplied by Portland Bolt are custom made on a per order basis. Once manufactured, the parts are shipped out immediately to the end user, so a price list would not be easy to compile. Portland Bolt does keep some common sized fasteners in stock, such as 90 degree bent anchor bolts, timber bolts, structural bolts, hex bolts, carriage bolts and lag screws, however the pricing can vary depending on the quantity ordered. This makes it difficult to hold to a set price list. Also, these parts lack variety, so a catalog is not necessary.

The best reference for the items that Portland Bolt supplies is this website, which, unlike printed catalogs, can easily be updated when product lines, sizes, and manufacturing capabilities change. Our website, which is designed and maintained in-house, shows the various products that we stock and manufacture, as well as any technical information needed when deciding what grade of bolt is required. Once the configuration of bolt is decided as well as the grade, feel free to contact Portland Bolt directly to get a price quote.



    we need some type l anchor and searching for find a good manufacturer.
    please send to our your general catalogue and product

    @Mohsen- Thank you for your inquiry, but we do not have a published catalog. We are a custom manufacturer – our capabilities and commonly supplied products are featured on our website.

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