Why doesn’t Portland Bolt offer metric fasteners?

At Portland Bolt we often receive requests for metric dimensioned products and our response is always the same. We do not have the capabilities to manufacture bolts or fasteners with metric diameters. The reason behind this is that all of our equipment and tooling is specific to the imperial (inch) system which is the measuring system used in the United States. Additionally, many grades and diameters of steel round bar used to manufacture bolts is simply not readily available in the United states.

If you have a project that has metric dimensioned product called out, Portland Bolt can do a metric-to-imperial “soft” conversion to provide you with the closest imperial sized option available. We understand that this is not always an acceptable alternative as some projects require the precise metric size for the application. However, if you have a project that requires anchor bolts, typically, a close imperial equivalent will be acceptable. We have worked on projects all over the world and a lot of those projects started with metric sizes which were converted to the closest imperial option. If you have a project that requires metric fasteners, give Portland Bolt a call and we will work with you and the Engineer of Record to find an agreed upon solution!



    @Richard- No, DTIs are engineered to compress at a predetermined load value based on the grade of the bolt. Metric and imperial grades do not always line up exactly.

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