Does the ASTM F1554 specification allow metric sizes?

f1554-105-rodsThe ASTM F1554 specification does not prohibit or allow metric diameter F1554 anchor bolts.  It does not address the subject of metric dimensions at all.  So theoretically, if a manufacturer can locate metric steel round bar that meets both the chemical and mechanical requirements of the specification, metric F1554 anchor bolts can be provided.  Since the demand for metric fasteners is limited in the United States, the availability of metric round bar used to make ASTM fasteners is limited.  Therefore, Engineers of Record will often allow a soft conversion to the closest Imperial diameter.

Portland Bolt only provides bolts with Imperial (inch) diameters.  If your project requires metric anchor bolts and the engineer will allow a soft conversion, please contact one of our salespeople with your requirements and we will be able to assist you with your project.

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    Hello Greg,
    Our supplier is recommending, for F1554 metric rods, A536M gr. 10S nuts. Do you feel that we´ll have any problem with this? As I check, A325M can´t be aplied to F1554.
    Thanks for advise

    @Javier- F1554 does not specifically discuss metric sizes, and most of us who manufacture those products cannot make metric threaded parts. However, that doesn’t mean that it is impossible, but it might be tricky and/or expensive to have someone machine them.

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