Do ASTM Grades Require a Specific Head Style?

When selecting an ASTM grade of fastener for a particular application, the chemical and mechanical requirements are normally considered first, but there are some fastener specifications that require a certain head style as well.  Below is a chart showing some common ASTM grades and whether or not they have requirements for the pattern of forged head.  It is important to keep in mind that this chart only specifies requirements in regards to headed bolts.

ASTM Specification Grade Specified Head Configuration
A307 A Standard Hex
B Heavy Hex
F3125 A325 Heavy Hex Structural
A449 Standard Hex
A193 B7 Heavy Hex
A320 L7 Heavy Hex
A354 BC Standard Hex
F1554 Grade 36 Unspecified
Grade 55
Grade 105
F593 Alloy Group 1 Standard Hex
Alloy Group 2
* Head styles are unless otherwise specified.

As you can see, most of the grades shown in this chart have a head style for which they are normally specified, however in most cases this can be changed if needed.  Many of these ASTM grades may also allow for other configurations such as bent anchor bolts and straight rods.


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