Do ASTM F844 standard flat washers come with certification documents?

Commercially available ASTM F844 washers are typically not accompanied by certification documents, even though the F844 washers supplied by Portland Bolt are domestically manufactured. The reason mill test reports are not available for F844 washers is that there are no specific chemical or mechanical (strength, hardness) requirements for these washers. The only requirement is that they need to be made out of steel.

ASTM F844 reads:

5.1.1 The washers shall be steel, and unless otherwise specified, shall have no specified chemical composition requirements.

6.1 Unless otherwise specified, the washers are not furnished to mechanical requirements.

Since there are essentially no requirements for these washers, manufacturers and distributors of F844 washers do not maintain lot traceability and do not provide mill test reports for these items. If you require ASTM F844 washers with test reports, they can be manufactured specifically for a given order, and test reports for the steel used to make the washers can be provided.

Certification documents for ASTM F436 hardened washers, on the other hand, are available. F436 washers are hardened, and typically used with high strength bolts, structural bolts, and F1554 anchor bolts. Unlike F844 washers, ASTM F436 washers have specific chemical and mechanical requirements which is the reason lot control is maintained and test reports are supplied with these washers.

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    Gr.8 bolt under specification SAE J429 manufactured with minimum tensile strength 150ksi these bolts available in imperial size.
    Gr.8.8 bolt under specification ISO 898-1 manufactured with minimum tensile strength 800 Mpa these bolts available in metric size.

    @Deniz- Grade 8 is a high strength alloy bolt grade with a 150ksi minimum tensile. 8.8 is a medium strength metric fastener grade similar to grade 5 or A449. We have a strength by grade chart on our website for comparison.

    Good day, Yours Mario García de Guatemala, am interested in 250 units of washers 5/8 “to comply with the standard F844 and 250 units of nuts 5/8” meeting the standard A563 galvanized, could you tell me the price and if they have some way to send it to Guatemala. Thank you

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