What is the load rating for a coupling nut or sleeve nut?

There are no documented standards for load ratings of coupling nuts or sleeve nuts. These types of connections are not specified for any uses for which load rating would be required. If a connection is used to suspend or tension a load, which is achieved with products like tie-rod assemblies, then the connection products have an associated safe working load for a Load Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) or Allowable Strength Design (ASD). So, the only documented guidelines regarding the strength of coupling nuts or sleeve nuts are derived from the ASTM nut specification to which the nuts are certified. ASTM A563, A194, and F594 each have a certifiable proof load and hardness associated with each grade of nut. Portland Bolt has a wide selection of nuts to provide with your custom bolt order. Please contact one of our team members with any further questions or if you would like a quote.



    trying to locate a 3/8″ 16 sleeve nut. All i’ve found is 1/2″ & up. Do you have anything?

    @Richard- We are not stocking anything that small. We can possibly have them manufactured if you have lead time.

    hi i am looking for a 6mm coupling to fill a gap about 125cm/5.5in. this is to connect hand brake cable. can you help please Glen Gordon

    @Glen- We are sorry, but we don’t have small metric couplers like that. We’d recommend that you contact a fastener distributor or a local hardware store.

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