Are roll threaded anchor bolts with a reduced body allowed on school projects in California?

Contrary to popular belief, roll threaded anchor bolts are acceptable for schools in California when connecting steel to concrete. Portland bolt spent three years working with the California Department of General Services Division of the State Architect to dispel the rumor that only full body cut threaded bolts could be used. The link at the bottom of the page will open the DSA circular 22-2 which addresses this issue. Roll threaded anchor bolts typically are cheaper to produce and are often available in our inventory. Follow the link below for a list of Portland Bolt’s stock anchor bolts which are acceptable for use on school projects in California.

DSA IR 22-2 Anchor Bolts Connecting Steel to Concrete

List of Portland Bolt Stock Roll Threaded Bent Anchor Bolts

List of Portland Bolt Stock Roll Threaded Hex Head Anchor Bolts

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