Does Portland Bolt sell zinc plated bolts that meet the B633 specification?

ASTM B633 is a broad specification covering electrodeposited zinc coating applied to iron or steel. In the past, this was the zinc plating specification referenced by ASTM construction fasteners. The problem was that ASTM Committee F16 on Fasteners did not have any jurisdiction over this specification. Therefore, in 1998 the F1941 fastener-specific zinc plating specification was established. Both B633 and F1941 cover zinc plating, however, Committee F16 has oversight of the F1941 specification and the ability to update or change it as they deem necessary. All common ASTM fastener specification now refer to the F1941 specification for zinc plating. The one exception is ASTM fastener specification A193 which still references B633 for zinc plating since Committee F16 does not have oversight on this bolt grade.


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