What bolts are available in ASTM A193-B7 and what is the appropriate thread pitch to specify?

“My plant uses hex head cap screws, ASTM A193-B7 as standard. We typically stock the constant thread series 8 TPI fasteners above 1 inch diameter. However, many tapped items like expansion joints come with UNC thread counts, like 7 threads per inch (TPI) for 1-1/4″ diameter bolts. This causes a problem sometimes when fasteners don’t fit, or bolting with different thread spacing gets intermixed. Any advice? What does most of the Chemical Process Industries (CPI) use on these larger fasteners. Thanks for any advice or history on this issue.”

Marc, thanks for the question. Most ASTM specifications for construction fasteners use Unified National Coarse (UNC) threads (7 TPI on 1-1/4″ diameter for example). Consequently, most female threaded items (expansion joints) are produced with National Coarse threads. However, ASTM A193 is one of two exceptions (A320 being the other) in which 8UN threads (8 threads per inch) are standard for fasteners larger than 1″ diameter unless otherwise specified. With that said, A193 bolts can be ordered with UNC threads if that is specified when they are ordered. If a thread pitch is not specified, most fastener suppliers/manufacturers will supply this grade of bolt (A193 grade B7) with 8 threads per inch on bolts above 1″ in diameter. Most good suppliers will ask what thread pitch the customer wants when an order is placed.

Neither the A193 or A320 specifications address thread pitch directly, however they do require compliance with ASTM A962, titled “Common Requirements for Steel Fasteners or Fastener Materials, or Both, Intended for Use at Any Temperature from Cryogenic to the Creep Range.”. Section 12.4.2 of ASTM A962 states that fasteners 1″ and under shall be coarse thread, and those 1-1/8″ & larger shall be 8 thread pitch series, unless otherwise specified.

In your situation, you will need to know the thread pitch of the insert, expansion joints, nuts, etc. prior to ordering the bolts and then specify the matching thread pitch when the bolts are ordered. One solution would be to purchase both the male and female threaded components from the same supplier and make them responsible for matching the thread pitches (if that is possible).

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    12-point bolt, dia 1 ½, overall length 10’’. Thread
    8UN, thread length 3 ¾ ‘’. Steel ASTM A193;B7

    Qty 10 pc
    Delivery to South Korea

    @Karostar- Apologies, but we are unable to provide 12 point headed bolts. We are not sure who is able to do that.

    For ASTM A193 B7 1″ diameter bolt/stud which is the correct?

    ASTM A193 B7 1″-8UNC or ASTM A193 B7 1″-8UN

    Portland bolt website has it listed both ways as an standard.

    Below is text from Portland Bolt website:

    8 – Thread Series (8UN) is the specified thread forming method for several ASTM standards including A193 B7, A193 B8/B8M, and A320. This series is used for diameters one inch and above


    Section 12.4.2 of ASTM A962 states that fasteners 1″ and under shall be coarse thread, and those 1-1/8″ & larger shall be 8 thread pitch series, unless otherwise specified.

    @Larry- I can see where the wording can be confusing, but both are correct. UNC for 1″ diameter is 8 tpi, so regardless if UN or UNC is called out, the threads will be the same.

    @Alex – The bolt stamp should oriented, if possible, in such a way that it is visible after installation so that the grade can be verified by an inspector.

    sir ,

    There are 42″ & 36″valves with class 150 type double flange type . 1.5 dia hex cap screw with with which type of thread will be proper to install.

    @Fahad – Thank you for your question. The three most common thread pitches for 1-1/2″ are 6tpi (UNC), 8tpi (UN), and 12tpi (UNF). I do not know which is the correct one for your application, you will need to contact someone more familiar with your project.

    hi dear Mr. G. Lindsay
    i have a question: how can i find to determine minimum and maximum diameter for rolling and threading rods when i want to set an special size of rod with for example 2-1/4″ Nut,
    can i use a rod with 55 mm diameter for 8 thread per inch pitch thread?
    isn’t there any problem (for example Exfoliation)؟

    @Mehdi – The pitch diameter for 2-1/4-8 UN class 2A threads is 2.1584″ – 2.1664″. Your 55mm bars would convert to 2.1654″, which is within that range and should work to roll thread 2-1/4-8 threads.

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