I was told that I cannot use A615 grade anchor bolts because they are not listed in the approved anchor bolt section in the AISC manual. Is there a specification that addresses the use of A615 grade anchor bolts?

There is no mention of any ASTM A615 grade being specifically used for anchor bolts in any ACI, AISC or ASTM specifications that we are aware of. Simply, the A615 grade is a rebar specification for concrete reinforcement; it is not an anchor bolt or raw steel specification. Using rebar for anchor bolts does present some complex issues, such as threading, that would need to be addressed. Before designing or ordering an A615 rebar anchor bolt, the ASTM F1554 specification should be considered as the preferred anchor bolt specification to be used in most instances. However Portland Bolt can also manufacture many additional grades of anchor bolts.  Before ordering any rebar anchor bolts, contact Portland Bolt and we can discuss your requirements.

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