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Contect anchor sleeve

Between Anchor Bolt Sleeves

What size anchor bolt sleeve do I use to fit a 1-1/8” diameter anchor bolt?

This question is often brought to Portland Bolt’s attention by customers wondering how to install an anchor bolt sleeve with a 1-1/8” diameter rod.  This issue arises due to the fact that anchor bolt sleeves are not manufactured in 1-1/8” diameter. We knew of two different solutions, but were left wondering which was the preferred... Read more

Contect anchor sleeve

Metric Anchor Bolt Sleeves

Does Portland Bolt sell metric anchor bolt sleeves?

Portland Bolt does not sell metric anchor sleeves but we do provide them all the time using a soft imperial conversion. We round up to the closest imperial (inch) size to make sure they are large enough to fit on the bolt. If the fit is too big, we recommend taping the neck of the... Read more

Contec vs. Wilson Sleeves

What is the difference between the two types of anchor sleeves that Portland Bolt stocks?

Portland Bolt inventories two different lines of anchor bolt sleeves, Wilson and Contec. There are many similarities between the two products, with two notable differences. The two main differences between these two types of anchor bolt sleeves are in sizing and coloring. Wilson Sleeves Contec Sleeves Composition and Materials Both brands are manufactured of high... Read more