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Shipping to Alaska

How often does Portland Bolt ship to Alaska?

Transcript Hello, my name is Amanda Seal. I work as an inside sales/estimator at Portland Bolt and manufacturing. I’ve been working with the company since October 2014, although we have over 100 years combined industry experience working in the sales office. Before I came to Portland Bolt, I lived and grew up here in Alaska. Here... Read more

Cargo Containers

Does Portland Bolt load containers?

Portland Bolt does not have the ability to load cargo containers for ocean freight. We have no experience in securing the contents inside so this will have to be done by a freight forwarder. We routinely load our shipments on a truck at our facility where they are sent to be loaded in a container... Read more


What does the acronym “FOB” stand for and how does it affect your order?

According to the Incoterms 2010 standard which is published by the International Chamber of Commerce, the acronym “FOB” stands for “free on board.” In the US, this acronym “FOB” is commonly used when shipping goods to acknowledge who is responsible for the costs associated with loading, transporting and/or the point at which the ownership of... Read more

Damaged or Lost Shipments

What should I do if a shipping company damages or loses my order and whose responsibility is it to file a claim against the carrier?

Let’s begin by addressing responsibility for filing a claim. When Portland Bolt ships product collect on a carrier of our customer’s choosing, ownership of the material changes hands the moment the carrier leaves our loading dock. Therefore, if a shipment is damaged or lost, it is our customer’s responsibility to file a claim against the... Read more

Shipping to Canada

Does Portland Bolt ship to Canada?

Yes! Portland Bolt ships to Canada on a regular basis. Our strengths of product expertise, on-time shipping and familiarity with customs documentation make us an excellent option for Canadian companies.  Please visit our Interactive Destination Map to see a map of the locations in Canada to which we have shipped recently. Our knowledgeable shipping department will... Read more