Lopez Island, WA, United States

The San Juan Islands are an archipelago of islands located in the northwest corner of Washington State.  Lopez Island is the third largest in the chain of islands, and it is one of only four of the San Juans that is accessible by ferry.  In 2013, the Washington State Department of Transportation improved the pavement and trestles at the Lopez Island Terminal, and in 2015, it was decided that the floating timber wingwall structure needed improvements.  Wingwalls are the floating timber structures shaped like a “V” which are used for slowing and safely guiding ferries into the landing docks.

Because this project was funded through a DOT, it required 100% domestic products and the contractor knew that Portland Bolt is always up to the task of manufacturing domestic products.    The required bolts ranged from small lag screws all the way to 2” diameter hex head bolts.  Because the project was in a marine environment, all of the products had to be hot-dip galvanized which Portland Bolt is able to do with our very own in-house hot-dip galvanizing line. Due to Portland Bolt’s special capabilities for manufacturing domestic products in our 140,000 square foot facility, the order was able to ship out just 10 working days after being entered into our system.  Do you have a project that requires 100% domestic materials with a quick turnaround time?  Give Portland Bolt a call; we want to help you with your project!

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