Can Portland Bolt expedite my order?

Yes, Portland Bolt can rush an order though production.

Portland Bolt has what we recognize as “standard lead times.” We believe they are some of the fastest in the industry. These lead times consider the manufacturing processes required to complete an order. For instance, if we are going to manufacture 1” x 36” hot-dip galvanized ASTM F1554 Grade 36 anchor rods with 6” of thread each end, we would use a standard lead time of two weeks to manufacture. These “standard lead times” will vary based on the quantity, grade, configuration, and corrosion resistant coatings (if any) required for the bolts.

When we produce an order with an expedited lead time, we charge overtime on the labor operations in order to cover the costs of our machine operators working overtime to get the order out early. We average between 350 – 400 open orders in our shop at any given time, many of which consist of multiple line items. When we “rush” an order, we are placing the expedited order ahead of other current orders that are already in production and by working overtime, we are still able to meet the delivery commitments we have made to customers with orders already in the shop.

Due to us having hundreds of open orders in our shop at a time, we attempt to gain efficiency by producing like diameter orders together. When we enter an order on a “rush” schedule, we are forfeiting these efficiencies in order to meet the promised lead time. Portland Bolt’s expedited lead times are determined on a case-by-case basis and are based on charging time-and-a-half for the overtime labor, which is what we pay our machinists. If you have requirements for custom bolts and you need them in a hurry, contact one of our experienced salespeople and we work to meet your schedule.

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