Does Portland Bolt provide fasteners on Department of Transportation jobs?

Yes, Portland Bolt provides domestic fasteners with paperwork for DOT projects all over the US.

We routinely have state inspectors from Oregon, Washington, and California in our facility inspecting and tagging orders for our customers. For contractors and steel fabricators in other states, we are able to ship the materials to the jobsite, or to their facility, for the local DOT inspector to tag and inspect the order.

Our certification packages that we provide, at no cost, are thorough and complete. The MTRs will display the country of origin for all components involved in the order, going all the way back to the steel rolling mill at which the raw material was produced. We can certify our bolts, nuts, and hot-dip galvanizing to AASHTO standards.

Portland Bolt sources our steel round bar domestically. We inventory a complete line of domestic nuts and washers to go with the bolts that we produce. This is important since most Department of Transportation Projects are federally funded which requires 100% domestic product. Portland Bolt will be a reliable source for custom bolts on state DOT projects. Contact one of our salespeople for any questions or inquiries regarding your next DOT project.


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