My plans call for a section of the anchor bolts on the project to be wrapped with tape. Can Portland Bolt quote this?

Although uncommon, there are times when a project’s specifications or plans call for the unthreaded portion of an anchor bolt to be wrapped with various kinds of tape. This tape typically starts at the bottom of the threads projecting from the concrete and will either travel the entire length of the anchor bolt or stop at some point down the unthreaded portion of the rod or bolt. The typical intended purpose of this tape is to prevent the concrete from directly bonding with the anchor bolt, but there could be various other intended benefits as well. There are no standard procedures or specific kind of tape to use for this process and instead the brand and type of tape must be specifically specified by the plans and the engineer. Portland Bolt has wrapped anchor bolts with standard duct tape or highly specialized petrolatum based tape that are specified by brand and model, it all depends on the requirements of our customer’s project. In addition to the cost of the tape, there is also the added labor that handling and wrapping the anchor bolt incurs. Portland Bolt has the facility, equipment, and experience to quote, source, and execute these types of special and custom requirements efficiently to ensure the best result for our customer.


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