Why Are A194 Grade 7 Nuts Not Recommended With High Strength Bolts?

I have noticed in specifications from multiple organizations that ASTM A193 Grade B7 bolts are selected along with ASTM A194 Grade 2H nuts. I know that from ASME B16.5 Flanges and Flanged Fittings, the recommended high strength bolt is ASTM A193 Grade B7. However I cannot find in ASTM A193, A194, ASME B16.5, B18.2.1, B18.2.2, B31.1 or any other code or standard where it recommends using A194 Gr. 2H nuts with this bolt. Why would A194 Grade 7 nuts not be recommended? They have all of the same or better mechanical properties as Grade 2H and they are the same material composition as the A193 Gr. B7 bolts.

You are correct that none of those publications specifically pair a grade of nut with a grade of bolt, leaving it open to a bit of interpretation. The reason that A194 grade 2H nuts are used more often with A193 grade B7 bolts is simply cost. Both A194 2H and A194 grade 7 nuts have the same minimum mechanical requirements, they differ only in chemistry. The industry has chosen 2H nuts to be the primary nut for B7 bolts, as well as allows them to be substituted for A563 grade C and DH nuts for use with ASTM A325 and A490 structural bolts. The result is that, in addition to be a less costly nut to manufacture, they are much more widely mass produced, leading to economies of scale. That said, there is no reason that a specific engineer cannot require grade 7 nuts on a particular job if he feels that they will perform better in that application. The cost will be higher and the lead time may be slower due to availability, but the A194 grade 7 nuts would be acceptable for use with A193 B7 bolts or studs.

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    @Rajanka- ASTM A194 gr.7 nuts are designed for extreme temperatures, whereas class 8S and 10S are more for structural and general purpose applications. Because of those differences, we would not recommend the substitution unless it is approved by the project engineer.

    @Emmanuel- An ASTM A194 nut is designed for high temperatures, whereas the 8.8 nut is for general purpose applications. You would need to get that substitution approved by the project engineer.

    Hii Dane,

    I just your post regarding selection of nut material for a particular bolt material.

    I am presently facing following problems related to Bolting.
    1. For service over 593 DegC temperature (and pressure in the range of 130 bars),which material of Bolts / Nuts to be used? B5?
    2. If I use A 193 Grade B5 bolts, which nut material should I follow?
    3. How to consider the creep factor in selecting the bolting material?

    I am in urgent need of the answer, Expecting your prompt response.

    C Sharma

    @Chitra- Thank you for the inquiry, but we do not have any engineers on staff and are unable to recommendations for specific applications, nor do we know anything about the creep factor.
    Apologies that we are unable to help here.

    Hello Mr.Dane,
    For the valve applications, can we use these A 193 B7 & A 194 2H bolt-nut combinations. kindly note that our valves are of alloy steel material (F22/C21A/F91) and temperature is <550 Deg.C

    in addition to the above query, our valve manufacturer offering B16 bolts for the mentioned temperature and the allowable stress are not indicated in the ASME Sec.IID for B7 bolts over 550Deg.C

    @Sridhar- Apologies, but we do not have engineers on staff and cannot make application specific recommendations like this.

    @Salam- ASTM does not specifically tell the reader which nut grade goes with which bolt grade, so it is up to the end user or engineer to determine which bolt-nut combination is appropriate.

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