What is the meaning of UNO?

What is the meaning of UNO?

High Strength bolts, ASTM A325 U.N.O

UNO is an acronym that stands for, “Unless Noted Otherwise”.

Welding on bolts and nuts shall not be permitted, unless noted otherwise

UNO is a blanket statement that covers all specified items related to the callout but leaves exceptions in specific situations. For instance, A325 bolts may be specified in the general notes, but a different fastener specification/grade may be specified in the construction plans.

Some construction plans may list the meaning as, “Unless Notes Otherwise”.

T.P = Top of Panel Elevation, B.P. = Bottom of Panel, F.S = Finish Surface, F.L. = Flow line Wall Elevation, F.G. = Finish of Grade (far side), U.N.O = Unless Notes Otherwise

The acronym UON is also commonly used, standing for, “Unless Otherwise Noted”.

Fasteners (unless otherwise Noted), Bolts: ASTM A307 Grade A, Anchor Bolts: ASTM F1554 Grade 55, Nuts: ASTM A563, Heavy Hex

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