What is AASHTO an Acronym For?

AASHTO is the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. This organization sets standards for highway design and construction.

As it relates to bolts, often times, bolts and other materials will be shown on plans for state transportation projects as having an AASHTO designation. These AASHTO numbers typically will correlate directly to a particular ASTM specification, with the verbiage actually coming directly from the associated ASTM designation.

AASHTO to ASTM Conversion Table

AASHTO Grade ASTM Equivalent Description
M-111 A123 Hot-dip galvanizing of iron and steel products
M-164 A325 Structural bolt
M-183 A36 Raw material, low carbon steel
M-222 A588 Raw material, weathering steel
M-223 A572 Raw material, high strength low alloy
M-232 A153 Hot-dip galvanizing of fasteners
M-253 A490 Structural bolt
M-291 A563 Nut specification possessing many grades
M-292 A194 High strength, heavy hex nut
M-293 F436 Hardened washer
M-314 F1554 Anchor bolt specification with 3 grades
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