Do A325-3 and A490-3 bolts rust?

Yes, A325-3 and A490-3 are made from weathering steel containing copper, chromium, and nickel which induces the surface to form a heavy oxide coating that protects the base material from corroding any further. This brownish-red coating seals the material from corrosion much like other external coating options. These types of bolts are more often used in more temperate climates, unlike the Northwest where hot-dip galvanizing is more prevalent. Accessibility of these bolts may be limited due to material availability especially in ½” diameter.



    @Brian- No, the smallest type 3 available is 5/8″ diameter. We are also able to make 1/2″ diameter bolts from A588 weathering steel, which has the same corrosion properties, but is not as strong as type 3 structural bolts.


    Can I get Metric Hexagon bolts in weathering steel (M16 length 27 and 45mm) shipped to Europe ?


    @Henk- We are sorry, but we do not handle metric fasteners and are not sure who even to send you to. Apologies.


    Can you get weathering steel bolts in countersunk?

    Also what is the smallest size weathering steel bolt readily available either in countersunk or if that is not an option, a standard bolt head?



    @Jonathan- We can manufacture countersunk weathering steel bolts 1/2″ and larger. As for off-the-shelf weathering steel bolts, the smallest available is 5/8-11 in a heavy hex head. They are made to ASTM A325 type 3.

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