How are turnbuckles measured?

Turnbuckle DrawingA turnbuckle body is designated by the diameter of the rod threading into it and the length of the take-up inside the turnbuckle rather than the overall length. For example, a 1” x 6” turnbuckle body has an overall length of 8⅞”, but has an opening or “window” measuring 6”. Common sizes available are 6”, 9”,12”, 18” and sometimes 24” take ups.



    i am looking for the below part, kindly send quote
    1502024 TURNBUCKLE LENGTH MIN=624MM LENGTH MAX 884MM qty=10 NSN: 403095265445

    @Patimat- We supply turnbuckles along with rods that we manufacture, but we do not typically just sell them by themselves. Additionally, we do not recognize the numbers that you reference, we would need more information in order to help.

    So your saying for a 1″ x 6″ turnbuckle, A is 6″ and C is 8⅞”? Is there a calculation for determining all of the other values on the diagram?

    Do you mind answering Adrian’s question? For a 1″ x 6″ turnbuckle, A is 6″ and C is 8⅞”?

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