How do tie rods attach to a structure?

Tie rods are attached by sliding a gusset plate or knife plate, which is fastened to a structure, in between the ears of a clevis. A clevis pin or A325 structural bolt, is then assembled through the pin holes on the clevis and through the hole in the plate.

A clevis is threaded onto either end of an externally threaded rod to form a tie rod assembly. These parts function as a tension rod because at one end, a clevis threads onto left hand threads and on the other end a clevis threads onto right hand threads. These opposite threaded ends allow the tie rod to be tightened or loosened by turning the rod in the middle.

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    i am needing this entire assembly (clevis, threaded rod, bolts) for an awning project that i am trying to build for our office. can someone please contact me about placing an order to make sure i get everything i need. thanks

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