Can Portland Bolt assemble thread protectors to bolts?

Yes. Portland Bolt has in the past assembled mesh, and other, thread protectors onto anchor bolts and headed bolts to protect the threads during shipping. However, for large construction fasteners, it is exceedingly rare this is required or needed. Typically our sturdy packaging and shipping practices will be more than sufficient to ensure that the threaded rods or bolts arrive without issue or any sort of damage. If the product, due to the thread pitch, finish, grade, or configuration, may require additional protection, it is often best just to assemble the nuts that will be used with the threaded rods or bolts. The nut assembled to the threads will act as a thread protector for the bolt or rod, protecting the threads from damage and ensuring thread fit. The labor and cost to assemble a nut is often less than the overall cost of the thread protectors, since there is a cost to the thread protectors and thread protectors often require labor to cut and size, etc. Also, for many of the larger diameters that Portland Bolt manufactures bolts and threaded rods in there may not be any off-the-shelf standard thread protector products that may be easily purchased. Portland Bolt is always willing to accommodate our customers’ requirements and all concerns/scenarios should be discussed on a case by case basis to determine the most cost-effective route that brings about the desired goal for the customer.


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