What is the thread angle degree requirement for threaded rods?

Per ASME B1.1, threaded rods should be made at a 60 degree top angle. This is a standard that is produced throughout the United States, however, in recent years, Chinese manufacturers have figured out a way to save on steel costs by manufacturing threaded rods with 45 or 50 degree angles. This material does not conform to the ASME standards and is an inferior product that should not be used. The 45 or 50 degree angle creates a smaller thread root diameter of the fastener, weakening the rod which could lead to drastic liability consequences.

Portland Bolt’s entire inventory of threaded rod is 100% melted and manufactured in the USA. Our all thread rod meets ASME requirements and has proper threads at a 60 degree angle. We stock multiple grades of threaded rod and can custom make any grade not readily available. If you have a project that requires threaded rod, give Portland Bolt a call. Our experts are standing by to assist you with your threaded rod needs.

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