My plans call for an A307 grade C anchor bolt and my supplier is offering F1554 grade 55 anchor bolts as a substitution. Is this acceptable?

Theoretically, this substitution makes sense. However, one should always check with the project engineer before making any alterations to the grade or configuration of product that has been specified for the structure. Please note that for liability reasons, Portland Bolt is not recommending that this substitution be made without appropriate approval.

The A307 grade A and B specifications cover mild steel rods, bent bolts, headed bolts, and flange connection bolts. The A307 Grade C anchor bolt specification, which covered unheaded anchor bolts, was eliminated in August of 2007 and replaced with the F1554 grade 36 anchor bolt specification.

The F1554 grade 36 specification is a more complete specification covering mild steel headed anchor bolts, bent anchor bolts, and straight rods in addition to two other grades of anchor bolts, grade 55 and grade 105. Section 4 of the F1554 specification has a note stating, “When grade 36 is specified, a weldable grade 55 may be furnished at the supplier’s option.” As long as the F1554 grade 55 anchor bolt being supplied in lieu of the A307 grade C anchor bolts is weldable, this is a correct substitution per the ASTM F1554 and A307 specifications.

Theoretically, F1554 grade 36 anchor bolts should be substituted for the obsolete A307 grade C specification and F1554 grade 55 can be substituted for grade 36 at the supplier’s option, as shown below:

A307 grade C ⇒ F1554 grade 36 ⇒ F1554 grade 55

The following chart shows correct and incorrect substitutions.

A 307 Grade C F1554 Grade 36 F1554 Grade 55
A307 Grade C can be substituted for... N/A No No
F1554 Grade 36 can be substituted for... Yes N/A No
F1554 Grade 55 can be substituted for... Yes Yes N/A
Notes: A307 grade C cannot be substituted for F1554 grade 36 or grade 55 since it is an obsolete specification and F1554 requires additional testing that typically is not performed on A307 anchor bolts. F1554 grade 36 cannot be substituted for F1554 grade 55 since it does not meet the mechanical requirements of the grade 55 version of this specification.

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    @Arnold- Yes, A307 includes a grade A for general purpose fasteners, and a grade B that covers fasteners for piping applications.

    Is it not true, the only real difference between an F1554 and the old anchor bolt specification is the presence of testing for elongation and reduction of area on the mill certification for the raw material used to manufacture the bolt, whatever type it may be?


    We are in the process of completing a job where another contractor installed 1″ diameter F1554, Grade 55 galvanized anchor bolts. Even though the structure mounted over (on) the concrete bases is carrying dead-weight only, the Customer requires documented torqing of the anchor bolts. We’ve researched our charts and have not located torque values. Could you please provide that information to us? Or is it possible that this application should only be “snug” tightened and/or utilize the style of washers which indicate an acceptable tightness of the nut?
    Thank you.

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