Does Portland Bolt sell steel round bar?

Portland Bolt is a nonstandard bolt manufacturing company that specializes in manufacturing custom bolts and other nonstandard construction fasteners from steel round bar.  Our extensive inventory of steel round bar is used solely for the purpose of manufacturing fasteners for our customers.  It is our desire to always provide the finished product by using the steel round bar that we purchase by the truckload to manufacture custom bolts and threaded rods.  There are rare exceptions when a customer is performing a manufacturing process that we cannot perform ourselves that Portland Bolt would consider, on a case-by-case basis, cutting the steel round bar to length for a customer and shipping a piece of steel round bar.  Portland Bolt manufactures pins and dowels for customers that often resemble steel round bar cut to length and we always work with our customers to meet their project requirements and project schedules.  However, in virtually all situations, Portland Bolt would, at the very least, want to cut the steel to length and perform any manufacturing operations that we possibly can.  Portland Bolt has a comprehensive array of manufacturing capabilities and we are very efficient and economical at any of the manufacturing processes that we perform.


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