I ordered fasteners from Portland Bolt that I no longer need. Does Portland Bolt accept returns?

Portland Bolt accepts returns on stock items that we inventory, with some exceptions and limitations. We are unable to accept returns on custom items that were manufactured per order.

Exceptions for Returns on Portland Bolt Stock Items

Portland Bolt is willing to accept returns on items that we inventory as long as the parts are in resellable condition. The following examples, though not limited to, will prohibit our ability to offer credit for returned goods:

  • Rusted items
  • Galvanized fasteners with wet storage stains
  • Fasteners that must be kept in separate heat lots that are intermixed
  • Parts that have been visibly used or assembled with other hardware
  • Third party credits
  • Extreme quantities that exceed our annual usage
  • Orders that are over 60 days old

Procedure for Starting the Return Process

The first thing a customer should do when attempting a return for materials ordered from Portland Bolt is to contact the salesperson who helped fulfill the order. The salesperson will be able to make a determination regarding the requested return. If the return is approved, the salesperson will discuss a restock fee that will be deducted from the credit or refund. Restock fees cover the labor required to initially pull and package product, packaging materials, shipping costs, labor to receive and restock returned items, and administrative costs. Once a return is approved, the following processes will take place:

  • Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) # issued
    • Mark the RGA# on the box or paperwork that will be returned
  • Customer is responsible for arranging shipping to:

Portland Bolt & MFG
3441 NW Guam St
Portland, OR 97210

  • Wait for your account credit, credit card refund, or exchange to occur


There are exceptions to every rule. We attempt to be as accommodating as possible when it comes to returning product. We realize that when product is ordered incorrectly or simply can’t be used for various reasons, these situations may create financial hardships. Therefore, we will attempt to work with companies to return product even if it does not meet the guidelines listed above. However, there will be instances where we simply cannot accept returns.

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