Can I order bolts to ASTM A709 Grade 36?

ASTM A709The simple answer here is no. ASTM A709 is a specification that covers carbon and high-strength structural steel plates and bars intended for use in bridge applications. There are multiple grades of A709 and Grade 36 covers the structural steel made from mild carbon steel, such as A36. Although Portland Bolt would manufacture an A709 Grade 36 bolt out of the same material we would use for A307 Grade A bolts or F1554 Grade 36 anchor bolts (which are standard mild steel fastener specifications), ASTM A709 is not a fastener specification. This specification only covers structural steel used in bridge applications. It does not provide the manufacturer with the bolt guidelines which are necessary for the manufacturing process, such as bolt configuration, thread type/amount, compatible nuts/washers and so on. Without having these necessary details, the bolt would not be manufactured without a long discussion regarding every little detail between the manufacturer and the purchaser.

For more information on why bolts cannot be ordered to steel specifications, see the FAQ Ordering Bolts to ASTM A36. It saves time and money for both parties if a proper bolt specification is called out. To see a list of different bolt specification grades and their strength requirements, visit our Strength Requirements by Grade Chart. If you have further questions regarding this topic or similar topics, please give us a call. We have bolt experts who are happy to assist you with whatever fastener questions you may have.

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