How does Portland Bolt measure round bend U-bolts?

Portland Bolt measures round bend U-bolts based on the dimensions outlined in the Industrial Fastener Institute Standard IFI-136.

The length (L) is measured from end of bolt to inside of the bend, while the width (C) is measured between the legs.

Some companies will show the length to the bottom or centerline of the bend instead of the top of the bend. The width is sometimes detailed as center of one leg to center of the other leg.

The well-known Figure 137 U-bolt drawing for pipe supports shows the length measured from end of the legs to the radius of the bend and the width as center of one leg to center of the other leg.

Figure 137 U-Bolt (we would need to redraw this).

Since round U-bolts can be measured differently, we recommend communicating U-bolt dimensions through the use of a detailed drawing.

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    Searching for a Unicorn! Is there a u bolt that goes around a 3/8″ diameter tube? I think that is called the hook. Thanks, Glen

    @Glen- We only get involved with U-bolts when they are larger specials, so we are not sure if a u-bolt that small exists.

    @Bob- We are not calculating the length, we would manufacture the u-bolt based on the dimensions you supply us.

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